You built your business from the ground up & now you are ready to take the leap to the next level.

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Welcome to Corporate Turnaround Premier Service

The Corporate Turnaround Premier Service is designed specifically based on the needs of your business. Through a in-depth review of the companies performance we identify the primary area's of opportunity to create seamless operations, reduce lost income & increase productivity.                           

This program is personalized to provide the support and strategy that your business specifically needs. However, you can expect us to focus on the following topics below:

  • Know Your Customer & Grow Your Brand-Establishing a customer experience that uniquely sets you apart in your community

  • Building a Winning Team-Identification of the team members that you need to fit each phase of your business

  • Systems & Structures That Work -Business processes that represent your brand personality & your unique voice

  • Seamless Operations-Defining business processes to support your business goals

  • Communicate to Deepen Relationships- Creating a email communication plan to keep your clients engaged

  • Reduce Risk & Increase Profit -Reduce vulnerabilities with solutions to avoid negative risk to your reputation

This is not a cookie cutter solution.

That is what the Signature Strategy program does. This is not program based on theory, this is designed to take the specific action your business needs.

What our work has helped other companies Achieve

  • $1.1 million in annual payroll savings by improving internal operations to remove the need to hire more people. 

  • 50% reduction in operating cost. Simpler systems & efficient processes that can support a growing company.

  • Smooth sailing from prospect to payday! Reduced customer complaints of 'what is the status of my order'. By putting in place customer focused, yet revenue generating, operations.

  • Created a 99.98% customer satisfaction rate without exceeding the project budget!

  • Avoided a public relations nightmare by identifying & enhancing out-dated internal operations that would have negatively impacted VIP clients, each with an average worth to the company of $100K.

  • Created a strategy and blue print for existing business owners to establish new streams of revenue from existing clients. 



Who is this program for?

  • The business leader that wants to remove the roadblocks holding the business back from growth

  • You need help a expert with the right resources to fix the problem

  • You are not looking to just hire another consultant to provide generalized information- you need specifics

  • The vision you have for your company is not being realized & you are committed to taking actionable steps to see a change

  • You want to build a relationship with a business expert that can support you during each phase of your companies growth

What others are saying

"LaDawn has the ability to identify the core problems that negatively impacted our organization led to projects that not only improved operational performance, but more importantly significantly improved customer experience.

-Tom Helock, Senior Vice President, Fortune 100 Bank