Sales Storytelling 101

Sales Storytelling 101 is a fast action program designed for the entrepreneur that is looking to increase engagement with potential clients during a sales consultation. In this easy to follow training series you will learn how to:

  • Draft a sales pitch that speaks to how you can address the problem your potential clients are having

  • How to position the sales consultation to address the objections the prospect will not openly share with you

  • Create a 30 second show stopper introduction to the pitch

  • Understand your potential clients relationship with money, why that is impacting the sales process and how to overcome it

    All that you will receive

    • 5 training videos and audios, including the exclusive training on how to “Position Your Pitch for Profit” and close to 4 hours of training

    • Detailed workbooks 

    • Bonus Business Strategy Checklist Guide

    Level: Beginner to Intermediate

    Price: $497

Client Testimonials

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