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What others are saying

In our community we love hearing from our clients about the success they are having. Below are jus a few of the real clients we have worked with. As you read their testimonials here are a few things to keep in mind.

Earning Potential? That’s up to you. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person that is using our product, ideas and techniques. What each of the business leaders below have in common is their ability to consistently take action, stay focus and be committed. Having a business is serious work.

The honor system. The clients we work with are all mature professionals who are experts within their field and who we have built a positive working relationship with. With this in mind we use the honor system in our company and do not ask for financial records to verify their results.

Cookie cutter results not given or accepted. Our team are experts in what we do and because of this we do not provide cookie cutter results. Our community is made up of men and women who are committed to accelerating their business and leave excuses at the door.

Certified Community Testimonials


“An Additional $40K in sales!”

“The strategy LaDawn created increased the sales of an existing best selling program by an additional $40K, within a few months! She also created a streamlined process to on-board new employees and support my growing business”


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Noor Hibbert - Tedx Speaker, Hayhouse Author- 6 figure Business and Life Success Coach, London

“Created a Watertight System”

"Working with LaDawn was not only powerful but also enlightening. I created a six figure business whilst on my maternity leave and I had learned so much but there were certain areas that I struggled with as it was my first business. They helped me put a strategy in place for the next 6 months in regard to marketing.

During the VIP Strategy Session the plan was created on how to deliver my tele-classes and also how to position myself at some high profile events in order to showcase my brand. LaDawn has an amazing way of seeing the potential in each system and has a unique talent for seeing holes in a system and finding a way to repair it in order to make your system watertight.

I love working with LaDawn and I look forward to working with her in the future."

marcy pic.jpg

“Out of Confusion & Overwhelm & Into 2 New Revenue Streams”

LaDawn has helped me create a clear direction for my business in a way that isn't overwhelming. She breaks it all down in easy to follow steps and walks with you the entire way. Along the way I discovered I actually have two businesses and I needed to position each of them differently. I am very thankful to have the guidance LaDawn provides and if I ever get lost, I know I can find my way out of the confusion and overwhelm. She has also helped me gain confidence in my business by helping me find clarity in what I offer my clients.

I highly recommend LaDawn and her programs. You should definitely give her a chance!  

Marcy Johnson CEO of Marcy Johnson Branding, Las Vegas Nevada


“New Client Contract for $8,000”

As one of LaDawn's VIP clients, I have gained so much clarity on my services and what I want to deliver to my clients. When we first started working together, I told LaDawn that I needed a roadmap to help me get to where I wanted to go and a set of tools to get there.

Through the VOS University workbooks and homework, combined with our 1-on-1 sessions, I have gained that. Her mindset is infectious and has helped me create a more positive money mindset. I’ve created a new sales skills that helped me to close a new client contract for $8,000.

Lindi Conover-Thompson, founder and principle collaborator
EP Collaboration, Anderson, Indiana


“I received Great value”

I received TONS of value and inside before the program began. LaDawn has been a great mentor to me.

Dr. Angelica Napolitano, Founder of Optimal Physical Therapy & Wellness, Jupiter, Florida

“Created my program”

After my first strategy session, I learned how to get clear on what I wanted and how to project that into the world"
I learned a clear path on how to structure my program & what steps to take to make it successful.

Kenya Rynea, Celebrity Hairstylist, Austin, TX

“Identified the Root of What Isn’t Working”

LaDawn is an extraordinarily talented coach who helped me to dig deep and get to the root of what was not working for me in my business. Coaching with her gave me a huge sense of relief: finally, here was someone who truly understood what I was going through and could give me concrete, real-world advice on how to move my business forward!

If you get a chance to work with LaDawn, jump on it right away! She will give you clear action steps that will bring your dreams into focus and skyrocket your business to the next level.

Diana Minot, Writing Coach


“We identified the leakage in my Business”

After my business coaching session with LaDawn Townsend she identified leakage in businesses and mapped out step by step, how to attract, and keep customers for my primary business.

If that wasn't enough, LaDawn then hit me between the eyes with an additional stream of income which I didn't see, that would naturally grow from the plan she presented.

Big take away; We can monetize information, and if it's good people will pay for it.

Earl Lucas, Entrepreneur, Hollywood, Florida


“nuts-and-bolts strategies”

Working with LaDawn helped me to "think through things aloud" with someone much further along the road than I.  The additional classes that I have access to I know they'll be invaluable in helping me to wrap my head around and learn more of a sales mindset.

Her purposeful nuts-and-bolts strategies makes the work stand out, and I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from you. 

Deborah Griffeth, Photographer


“From $0 to More Client in 30 Days”

Since working with LaDawn I'm more confident when selling, I'm clear on my offer and I closed my first client within the first month of working with her.

Amy Gilmore, Photographer, Ohio