Have you taken an idea from your kitchen table and you are ready to leverage that success to up level your business and income?

My name is LaDawn Townsend, and I am a Business Strategist for business owners with a online or offline business, that are driven by a deep passion to use your gifts in the world while being financially rewarded.

My mission is to help you grow your business to the next level

You help others build their dreams but you're stuck as to what you need next.


A constant question repeats in your mind “how do you choose the right expert to work with? Does one even exist to help you with what you need? What is it that you need?”

Each question is answered with another question. This is great for brainstorming but it's not giving you the answers you need.

You're not in this alone

  • What would it feel like to grow your business while having the right systems in place to support your companies growth?

  • What about working with someone who isn’t just a coach but a business leader experienced in turning all of this around with strategy & ease?

I’m here to support you in that journey. Check out the available resources below:

Have questions?

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