Now, is the time to create a new money story to support both the business and life that you deserve.


Hello, I'm LaDawn Townsend, a Revenue Growth Strategist for business leaders that want to finally have both the life that they want with a profitable business to support them.

Let me be the first to welcome you to our 'Money Mastery for Business Owners' course. This course is not like anything you have learned in a Economy class or a Financial Education workshop.

The reason I teach this subject to business owners is simple.

"Your money story will either propel you forward to success in your business or it will be the # 1 stumbling block that will hold you back. And, when a business leader is held back that equals lost profit, time and productivity."

I worked in Corporate America for over twenty years, primarily in the Finance along with the Technology industries, and when I first heard the term 'Money Story' I have to admit it sounded odd. But, that was just the beginning. Through my own personal study into identifying my own negative money story I realized that in order to have a successful, sustainable business, you must be honest with yourself on the relationship you have or don't have with money.

In this online self-study course you will walk away with the tools to create your new money story that can support the revenue goals you have established (or need to create) for your business.

Some of the topics included in this 3 part video and audio module are:

  • Identifying the true 'Why' for your business and what negative money stories are impacting your company today
  • How to create a new money story along with a action plan to hold yourself accountable
  • You will get access to one on one coaching sessions with my private clients as I coach each of them through overcoming the roadblocks of their money story
  • The importance of charging the full value and the right price for your services (along with how to identify when you're discounting your prices in the wrong way)
  • The top 10 money stories that hold most business owners back from success

You will also receive downloadable workbooks that accompany each module and personal instruction from myself on how to complete them (along with important lessons to watch for in the module).