"I'm working on it"  It was that line in the new Mission Impossible Fallout movie that shifted my mindset around the goals that I was setting for 2019.n this film, he didn't have all the answers and even better he let everyone know it.

"I'm working on it"

That was it. That was the line that changed everything for me. Why? Because it is okay to not have all the answers.

The biggest betrayal that you could ever do to yourself is to be less than who you are to make someone else feel better. Doing this doesn't help them it stunts their growth and creates a co-dependent relationship that is a one way ticket to become a toxic situation and this is happening in businesses all the time.

Can I share with you what else it really means when an entrepreneur uses the word "realistic" Their secretly giving themselves a way out from moving forward. What I have found in my twenty year career of fixing companies is that normally when this word is used the business isn't as profitable as it can be.

Sometimes our biggest and worst critic is ourselves. It's time to silence that voice.

I lived in a state of confusion, for well over a decade, confused about what to do, who to serve, what to charge and really all of those "what" questions was really subconsciously me telling myself "You're not good enough".

My life today is the life that I dreamt of for years (not a few years more like a decade). 

"The life you want is waiting for you to go get it"

So many entrepreneurs are waiting for the right moment. Waiting until all the lights on the highway are green or when all the money is available. I wish that is how business works, but with all love and respect, it doesn't work that way. 

"Leap and the net will appear". Let me share with you how to take the first step

Having a successful business isn't about your feelings its about doing the things that must be done when we don't feel like doing them. But, first you must be aware of ego.

Ego can be tricky. Ego made me feel comfortable to believe the excuses I gave myself. Ego won and my business failed in that moment, but I can turn it around and you can too. Here’s how….

Becoming MacGyver

Being a business owner, a true business owner, isn't about always doing the things you want to do. It's about doing what must be done in order to advance your company. A company will only be as strong as the business owner that is at the helm. And the business owner will only be able to lead the company if they commit to the personal work that must be done.

In the day we live in there has never been more opportunity to have a successful business. But there is a problem. We are surrounded by noise & shining bright objects that take our attention away from the main thing. It's time to get back to the basics of doing business.

Business leaders are splitting their vision is being split into multiple non strategic paths that can usher in a sense of desperation instead of confidently leading in the marketplace. In today's blog I share with you three tips on how to get back to basics and on track to be profitable.

"Success comes to those that un-apologetically go after it, ferociously without pause."

If you're looking for a community of business owners that want more because they know they deserve it & also know they are in the right space to be transparent while getting the support they need I invite you to join us. 

I must warn you that throughout this process together it won't always feel comfortable and in all honesty it's not supposed to. If success came comfortably everyone would be rich.