What if the money doesn't come?

What if the money doesn't come?

This is an unspoken fear all entrepreneurs, at one point in our business, struggle with.

It is a question that we don’t dare to speak out loud but it is on constant repeat in our minds.

“How will I make money in my business ?” or “Will I really be successful at this ?”

I struggled with this very question for years even up to the point that I left my corporate job. When I left Corporate America I had no prospects, zero money for marketing, I was battling a paralyzing fear of sales but my why was bigger than the fear. I learned very quickly how to shift my mindset away from the lies that fear was trying to use to stop me and I’m sharing that with you today.

In this 10-minute audio blog, I share with you what priorities you should set in your business today to help squash this fear but also how to move into the mindset needed to pull it off.

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