Don't accept their excuse (Its costing you money)

I'm just getting back from spending three days at a leadership conference in upstate New York and I can honestly say I've come back a completely different person in the best way possible. 

There is something about being around other leaders and working with a mentor that pushes you out of your comfort zone that makes all the difference in the world.

During the conference I met a fellow business owner that actually has a service that I need. 

"I can show you how to do it on you're own so that you don't have to hire me" was the response they gave me when I inquired about their service. 

I cringed. 

Why? Because I could tell this small business owner had a limited belief about money and even worst than that they did have non-negotiable goals. You see, one of the requirements for anyone that I invest to work with is that they have to have some of the same beliefs about business that I do.

A few of those beliefs are: 

  • You offer a service of value and have no hesitation about charging for it

  • You provide not only the initial service but can see further down the road and suggest the next level of service 

  • They must have a healthy belief in money 

This person didn't make the list. No judgement and that isn't right or wrong. It's just not a fit for me.

When the first response is to discount their service that alone shows me that there is a bit of strategy missing in the business and also they're not looking out for clients that don't hesitate to invest in what they need. 

"Do not accept the excuses prospects give you as to why they can't work with you and don't give excuses to yourself as to why you won't charge your full value".

This is my weekly CEO motivation to you today.

If the business owner had engaged in a conversation with me to find out my exact needs they would have found out that not only do I need the service now, I'll need it three more times next year. 

Are you discounting your services? Are you offering a lower service to a prospect that is actually costing you the entire sale? It happens more times than you can imagine but here is how to avoid it:

  • Engage - Do not jump to conclusions on what that prospect needs or what you think they can even afford. 

  • Ask-Ask questions to find out not only what they are struggling with but why they would be the right fit to work with you. 

  • Sale-Once you've engaged the best way to serve that person is to ask for the sale. 

Actually doing these three items is where the challenge lies for most entrepreneurs because it is easier to send another email or post something on social media vs. engaging in a conversation with your prospect. 

For those of you with team members if you're struggling with it so are they. To break out of this cycle and accelerate your business you have to just do it. 

There isn't a special chant, pill or music anthem that will move you from a place of inaction to action. 

You just have to do it or you're business will fail and I know the latter isn't something that you want.

If you're feeling unsure on how to move forward let's chat. Click here to access my private calendar for a complimentary strategy session. 

I look forward to connecting with you. 

Cheering you on,

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