Why good enough isn't good

Have you heard the saying "good is good enough" but is it really? And, who defines what is good enough for you. 

Throughout most of my adult life, I would hear the phrase "isn't this good enough?" And, if I'm being honest (which I will always be with you) the person asking me that question was actually asking the question to themselves and deflecting their emotions on me. Have you ever had this happen to you? What happens at that moment is that you have triggered something in the other person. 

The trigger isn't always a bad thing. A trigger could be the catalyst to show that person there is more available for them in life (i.e., show the example by being the example). 

But, I believe it goes one step deeper. They're trying to convince themselves it is okay to settle. That is the other trigger, the moment when someone recognizes they gave up on his or her own goals and dreams for whatever reason, I have no judgment on that but what I'm unavailable for is to allow anyone to stop what I know I'm called to do.

And, you should be unavailable for this as well. Why? Because you are worth seeing your dreams come true. Aren't you? I would say you are.

The biggest betrayal that you could ever do to yourself is to be less than who you are to make someone else feel better. Doing this doesn't help them it stunts their growth and creates a co-dependent relationship that is a one way ticket to become a toxic situation. 

When I work with business leaders and provide executive coaching this comes up constantly. They tell me: 

"I don't want to set bigger goals because what if my employees feel uncomfortable"

I even hear "I don't want to drive the car I really want because what will others think of me?"

So, I ask them "is living in a state of what others will think about you really good enough for you or do you want more?"

I'm asking this question to you today. Why should you be less than who you were created to be? Why should you settle for what everyone else thinks is okay when you're goals are 10X more than that (and you actually get excited about going big in your business).

Are you ready to live your life FULLY OUT LOUD! Good, because I want to run with you. 

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