Why entrepreneurs should never say "realistic"

LaDawn, I just have to be realistic about my business. 

I've heard this from many entrepreneurs and as much as I can relate (because I told myself this very same thing many, many times as I was growing my business), it also is a big flare that something deeper is broken within the business. What is that? What I have found in my twenty year career of fixing companies is that normally when this word is used the business isn't as profitable as it can be.

Can I share with you what else it really means when an entrepreneur uses the word "realistic"

Their secretly giving themselves a way out from moving forward.

Ouch! I know that might seem like a harsh thing to say but I would be doing you a disservice if I wasn't honest with you. And, I don't operate that way. Here's the deal as the CEO of your business (even if you are a team of one or a few), you get to make the decisions on what type of business and life you want to create. 

Reality can be whatever you want it to be.

However, the danger zone comes into place when we give ourselves easy outs in order to avoid doing the very thing that is needed to move our business forward and it normally is what makes us the most uncomfortable.

Starting a business isn't easy
Scaling that business isn't easy
Growing the business to higher revenue goals isn't easy

But, it can be simple. 

Today take a few minutes and look at your to-do list, especially that one item that you're putting off doing. Next, ask yourself why is that the case? Do you not feel confident to execute the task? Is this a skill that you need to improve on?

Whatever it is don't let fear, hesitation or over planning stop your business from moving forward. Think of it this way every time you delay doing what must be done a potential customer has just been lost.

What is the #1 roadblock that is holding you back from moving forward? Drop me a quick email at hello@vosgroup.org (I might just have a tip or two to help you get moving again)

Cheering you on to take action!


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