Silencing the voice of the inner critic

Have you ever had a moment in your life that you had to stop and pause? 

A moment that you've imagined for so long 

A moment that you held onto the hope for even when it seemed as if it would never come to pass

I'm living in that moment right now

Later this morning I'm hosting the welcome call for my private group program "$37k in 90 days- The Ultimate Business Accelerator Blueprint Program" and I'm speechless. 

My excitement isn't only because the program is nearly sold out and we have an AMAZING group of business leaders in the program. Or, the fact that the content my team and I have put together to teach them over the next twelve weeks is going to change the way they see and go after, what's possible for them in their business. 

No, those aren't the only reasons. 

The main reason is that if you would have told me just a few months ago that after I quit a twenty year career as an executive in Corporate America with zero savings and no clients, and within that time I would be working with private clients, traveling around the globe to teach workshops to entrepreneurs, launching a group program and hosting my first live event on the beach all within my first year of being a full-time business owner. 

(Give me a second I need to breathe even after just writing that) I never thought all of this would be possible for me. This isn't to brag it's to share with you what is possible for everyone that does the work and makes a commitment to stop dreaming and to start living.

"Confusion leaves you broke, busted and frustrated"

I lived in a state of confusion about what to do, who to serve, what to charge and really all of those "what" questions was really subconsciously me telling myself "You're not good enough".

Sometimes our biggest and worst critic is ourselves. It's time to silence that voice.

I'm not any different from you. How much longer do you want to stare at a vision board? When do you want to make that vision board a reality? 

My life today is the life that I dreamt of for years (not a few years more like a decade). 

"The life you want is waiting for you to go get it"

So many entrepreneurs are waiting for the right moment. 

Waiting until all the lights on the highway are green or when all the money is available.

I wish that is how business works, but with all love and respect, it doesn't work that way. 

"Leap and the net will appear" 

Make a leap today. Do something that will move you forward and if I'm not the strategist for you that's okay go find someone to support you on this journey. 

But, if you're on the fence about working with me then let's have a chat to see if that is true. You can grab a time on my private calendar here.

Take action today, your future self will love you for it.

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