Marketing Funnels. The top mistakes to avoid.

"LaDawn, would a funnel work well within my company?" This is one of the top questions that comes my way when working with business leaders. 

What is my response? "It might work but lets talk about it more."

Over the past four years of growing my company, I have invested in almost every gadget, application, tool and shiny bright object out there. This was apart of the $100,000 that I personally invested over the past two years into growing my business that I talked about a few weeks ago. (I don't share that to brag or boast but to share with you the personal journey I've went through to reach this point of success in my business)

In spending all of this time and money here is what I have come to personally know. 

Every funnel needs a strategy. 

This Wednesday, July 25th at 8 PM EST I'll be teaching more about this topic in the "Funnel Myths Debunked" webinar. I would strongly suggest that you don't invest in another tool until you attend this webinar. 

Seating is limited and you can grab your seat by clicking here

See you on Wednesday!

Not sure if you should join the webinar? In this 90 second video I share with you how your company will benefit by joining us.


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