Becoming MacGyver

Becoming MacGyver

Do you remember the television show MacGyver? 

Picture courtesy of Paramount Television

Picture courtesy of Paramount Television

I'm not surprised if you never watched it, or if you don't want to admit to it. Macgyver was an American action-adventure television show from the late 80's (and it was one of my favorites to watch).

"With skills that are only limited by his creativity, MacGyver saves the day using paper clips instead of pistols, birthday candles instead of bombs, and gum instead of guns"

Saving the day. Doesn't that remind you of someone that you know? That someone, should be you.

As business owners, saving the day is apart of our daily to-do list. Wouldn't you agree?

There isn't a day that goes by that one, or all of the following, must be dealt with:

  • Making a decision that needs to be provided ASAP to your team
  • Gaining new clients, recruiting new clients and vision mapping your business to support them
  • Nurturing employees and ensuring they have the training that they need
  • Staying on track of the annual goals for the company 
  • Terminating employees and hiring replacements 

There is much more we can add to this list because this is the world that we live in as Business Leaders. 

We play our own version of MacGyver each and every day. 

I often ask my clients and prospects what was their 'original' why for wanting to go into business, followed by the next important question of 'why do you want to grow your business'. Their responses help me to gauge, not only the strategy for the business but at what level of executive development will the owner need. 

"A company will only be as strong as the business owner that is at the helm. And the business owner will only be able to lead the company if they commit to the personal work that must be done."

In short. To become successful you have to become a MacGyver. 

What does this mean? Allow me to use a quote from one of my mentors Danielle LaPorte, "Everything is figure-out-able" Along with every situation, challenge or problem that you have in your business is a solution. The question is are you open to receiving it? The answer might not be what you expect it to be, it might not even be what you want to do. 

Being a business owner, a true business owner, isn't about always doing the things you want to do. It's about doing what must be done in order to advance your company.

Is there a decision you need to make in your business? A prospect you need to call and convert into a client? An employee you need to hire or fire? In most cases, the to-do items that you have been procrastinating on completing are the items that probably require the most priority attention.

Ask yourself why are you putting those decisions off? Go ahead, I'll wait while you ask yourself that question. Are you clear on the answer? Great. Now, what action must you take in order to resolve the situation?

What would Macgyver do?

"The first skill needed in order to make the necessary decisions is to know and believe you are more powerful than you realize, next you must take action."

Who do you need to be in order to bring your company into the next phase of success? Whoever that person is, I would strongly encourage you to run, do not walk, in becoming that next level of yourself. 

The success of your company is dependent on what you do next. 

Cheering you on (in moments of success and extreme personal growth),

LaDawn Townsend is the CEO & Chief Revenue Growth Strategist at the VOS Group. A southern California native with over twenty years of hands on experience delivering results to Fortune 100 companies along with both Small & Medium businesses. 

Her work has resulted in:

  • 50% reduction in operating expenses
  • Save $1.1 million in annual payroll
  • 47% improvement in logistics operations and shipping time frames

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