Back to Basics (Audio Included)

In the day we live in there has never been more opportunity to have a successful business. But there is a problem.

We are surrounded by noise & shining bright objects that take our attention away from the main thing. The basics of doing business.

In speaking with a few clients last week there was one theme that surprisingly came up over and over again in our sessions.

It's time to get back to basics. These business leaders are not new in the game. Each of them have very healthy businesses and a staff, in person or virtually, that support them in the day to day operations. The leader has a clear vision on where they want to take the company. So what was the problem?

Their vision is being split into multiple non strategic paths that can usher in a sense of desperation instead of confidently leading in the marketplace.

This can happen before you know it and I see it all the time, I even fell victim to this myself as a new entrepreneur. How do you know if you are leading from a place of fear? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Did I make this decision because it is 'said' to be the latest and greatest tool, resource or service that can grow my brand?
  2. How many times in the past three months have we tried a new concept or idea?
  3. (This is the biggest question) Am I seeing results that will get us closer to our goal?

When potential clients come to me and I ask them these questions the answers are almost always "I'm still not seeing results".  The next statement is followed by "I just need to get the right team members on board to turn things around.

This is true but it's not the primary factor to success. Allow me to break this down for you.

Excellent service can lead to growing your customer base and strengthening your brand. However, this cannot be faked and in all honesty it can’t be paid for. When asked “How do I create a company that people will want to work at?” the answer is simple. It starts with you. Here are three tips on how you can create not only a culture that people want to work for you but also a business that customers will want to continue to want to be apart of.

  • What is your vision for the company?

I talk with my clients a lot about this topic. Why? Because it is the guiding star of everything in your business. Being crystal clear on the goals will lead to everything else. Clarity on the vision for you business will be the best resource for you. It will aide you when faced with a decision to try the latest tool, work with a strategic partner and down to the smallest detail of who and when to hire a team member (for all positions, either Senior or entry-level).

  • Do you offer services that fit your clients needs today and tomorrow.

Clients want growth just as much as your employees need additional options to provide to the clients they are helping everyday. I cannot stress the importance of strategically having a list of services that support your goals while setting you apart in the industry. The needs of your clients are forever evolving. Are you in a position to support them when that happens? Are you growing your services to fit the needs of your clients today and tomorrow? If you're not when the time comes for that client to have a need they will find the resource. Even the most loyal client will go elsewhere when the need arises.

  • Do you hold your team accountable for when they miss the goal individually and as a unit.

A few years ago, I visited the Ritz in Paris and the level of service is stellar. You can tell there is a sense of “Zero room for errors”. The team works as one unit, each person working in precession with the other. The front desk clerk knew why I was there and explained what they had already prepared for me.

The restaurant hostess knew my name before I said it. Stellar service! This is because of the standards they have set and hold everyone accountable to are very clear.

What are the non negotiable standards for your company? If you haven’t formally decided what those are, trust me there are unspoken standards that are creating lost revenue and probably a headache for you.

What are the next steps for you? How do you turn your company around in time to reach your 2018 goals? Click here to review our services or schedule a consultation by calling our office at 754.227.1971

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