How business leaders push through the fear.


LaDawn here, CEO & Founder of the VOS Group. Can I admit something too you? The first time I worked with a expert to help me grow my business I was scared. I can openly talk about this now but before it was hard to share these feelings with anyone. Why? Coming from the corporate world I was the expert, I rarely had to ask for help. But, this time it was different there wasn't any corporate resources behind me, it was just me. And, that fact alone would throw me into a full on fear assault.

Plus, I didn't see anyone in my industry openly talking about the confusion and uncertainty that comes when growing your business. In all honesty, I felt completely alone.

Looking back on that time I realize apart of my delay in growth was the ego I allowed in, I'll talk about the warning signs of that in the future so stay tuned. Thankfully, this all happened years ago when I first launched my business but I share this with you because the feelings are all too real and something I hear from my clients all the time. This is natural part of the process when we work together & I welcome it 100%.

By them sharing this with me it tells me we are on the right track to grow their business, because the work we do together isn't just about the business it is also providing the support that the CEO needs.

You see, when I first launched my business four years ago I was rebounding from a massive layoff from my employer. One day we are working on projects and the next day my bosses call to tell me they had just been fired & they have to let me go as well, along with over a dozen co-workers.

That wasn't the scary part.  I was actually relieved when it happened because I knew it was my time to take the skills I had out into the world to serve others in a bigger way.

The scary part came next.

I spent the next year spinning my wheels and doing what I now fondly call 'everything a business owner should not do'. I thought since I was one of the top performing executives in my company that this business thing would be a breeze. (Insert a clear example of letting my ego lead here) I quickly came to understand that it wasn't & after thousands of hours (and many investments later) I realized one thing.

If I wanted to have a financially successful business I had to get the help I needed.

The dreamer, visionary, go-getter in me had to take a back seat while the CEO stepped forward to make the call.

We need to get help.

Shortly after making that decision and a commitment to turn my vision into a profitable reality I met and worked with experts that provided the support I needed.

These men and women were extremely vital to me and with each one I learned how to move forward and it created the foundation of my company today. The VOS Group, llc is a full service Revenue Growth Strategy firm that identifies why companies are leaking profits, time and productivity along with a plan of attack to solve it.


If you're looking for a community of business owners that want more because they know they deserve it & also know they are in the right space to be transparent while getting the support they need I invite you to join us.  Click here to schedule a consultation

I must warn you that throughout this process together it won't always feel comfortable and in all honesty it's not supposed to. If success came comfortably everyone would be rich.

"Success comes to those that un-apologetically go after it, ferociously without pause."

Ready to be ferocious? I'm with you! Let's do it!

Welcome to the community of big thinkers, action takers and visionaries. I'm glad you're here.

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