Why I'm Qualified To Disagree with Dave Ramsey.

So there I was leaving work every Tuesday night and driving an hour in traffic to attend a 12-week class that taught the fundamentals of Dave Ramsey's teachings on money, finance, and debt. I was ecstatic because for years I followed all of his podcasts, videos, and articles! To say I was an avid follower and keeper of this discipline is an understatement, but then what came next shocked me.

I disagreed with Dave.

The core of the teaching was based on not using credit cards, paying in cash for the majority of your expenses (including cars and homes). At one point in my life, I needed that, I mismanaged money, I purchased entirely too many sparkly things and I had zero savings. Even though I was an executive earning 6+ figures a year from my Corporate job my bank account looked completely the opposite. 

Sitting in that class I realized I didn't want to eat meals with limited choices and more importantly all of that teaching made me feel as if I couldn't trust myself to manage the money that I worked hard to obtain. 

I also didn't want to invoke a general counsel of advisors to get approval for purchases over $100.

What I wanted was true financial freedom and the confidence within myself to know that I would manage it correctly. But, none of my close friends or classmates agreed with me. So there we all sat with our weekly spending amount in cash sitting inside multiple white envelopes ready to whip out at a moments notice instead of learning the discipline needed to use the good old plastic credit or debit card. 

I'm sorry, but this was not what I had envisioned for financial freedom and wealth. I didn't speak up because I thought this is just what you do when you're wanting to get out of debt. All of this changed when I became a business owner. And here is why:

As a business owner, there are investments that must be made in the business to keep the business afloat. After I quit my corporate job a year ago to run my business full time, not only was my credit shot from the lay-off that happened four years earlier but I had personal and business expenses that demanded attention every month.

It was a crash course in how to manage cash and make it at the same time. 

I hear from so many solo-preneurs and small business owners that they are waiting for the funds to be available before they invest in themselves or their business.  I wish this is how the world works but in complete transparency from a woman who has built her business from the ground up over the past four years that is not how it works. And, continuing to live in that mindset is going to bankrupt your business. 

I'm thankful for the years I learned how to manage my money through not only Dave's course but many others. It was the foundation of what I needed to know in order to build up my confidence in managing money but at some point, it wasn't supporting me it was keeping me held back from moving forward to a healthy financial life.

It's time for a new discussion about what it really takes to be a business owner and that starts with investing in the tools you need in order to have a solid business. 

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Remember success will not come by sitting on the sidelines, it is time to get in the game. 

Cheering you on,


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