I Walked in a Fashion Show #BucketList

I've stood in many lines in my life but this past weekend topped them all. There I was chatting with people, enjoying a cool Miami evening (this is rare) and waiting to hear my name to be called. 

Then it happened
I heard my name
Followed by colorful lights filling the night sky
Camera flashes everywhere 

I fulfilled a desire to walk in a real life, honest to goodness fashion show (YIKES). 

What took weeks of of planning was over in just a few minutes but the impact that it made on me was powerful. When I was asked to be apart of the show, to represent diversity in fashion, I didn't hesitate. For me, it just seemed like fun but I had hoped for others it was the inspiration that they needed to live their life full out.

Here is what I've come to understand how we as humans think, I live by the motto "live your life with the volume turned all the way up". This is not a foreign concept for me but for others it is. I meet so many talented entrepreneurs that for some odd reason they're waiting for someone else to give them permission to finally start living. 

Why? Let me explain.

As business owners we must lead with confidence or nothing will work. Are you waiting for someone or something to give you permission to be you? I've heard the saying "the biggest betrayal against one's self is to deny fulfilling the desires that they have"

Fulfilling the desires you have for your life isn't just wishful thinking it is the core of what will set the goals for your business and it is the fuel for the action required to make it so. Today, it's time to get honest with yourself on what you truly desire to make a reality in your life. Don't hold back, don't second guess yourself and above all else do not wait for anyone to give you permission to be you. 

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What do you really want? #LeadershipThoughts

Don't accept their excuse (Its costing you money)