What to look for when hiring a coach

We have all heard it before. Promises from others that their service will solve the problems your company is facing. But how do you know this is true? How do you determine which coach to work with or service to purchase?

Consumers and business owners alike are asking themselves this question. On the consumer front we recently saw a backlash of big claims, with reportedly little proof to back it up, by the multi million dollar lawsuit that Devry is feeling the pain from.

Devry is facing lawsuits from states across the nation followed by a $49 million fine by the FTC. Not the easiest situation to be in however is an example on the far end of the spectrum of what not to do. What can you learn from this when investing in a service and also providing solutions to your customers?

Here are three tips of how to navigate through the decision making process.

#1 - When in need of assistance, lead with openness and not desperation

It happens to everyone. The pressure you feel to meet you're quarterly goals of increasing sales, retaining customers, reducing operational risks, the list can go on and on.

When the deadline approaches and everything you've tried before isn’t working the answer is not to panic. This can be easier said than done but keeping a cool head when others are loosing theirs will keep you ahead of the pack.

When looking for a coach, consultant or trainer the best thing you can do is to be clear on why you are hiring them. This can either be a specific list of problems that your company is facing that you are looking to remedy. It can also be a transparent conversation to say you're not sure exactly what the problem is but your open to discovering the answer.

Bringing this honest approach to your coach will be a major win for both of you because it cuts through the facade that everything isn't that bad.

# 2- Recommit ASAP

As the leader it can feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders. To be honest, it is supposed to. The world is your company and the weight are the expectations that you’ve set for the business. When the weight get’s heavy thats a sign that the leadership muscle is ready for a new workout.

Here’s the honest truth that not many people talk about. Running a business is not the easiest thing to do. If it was easy everyone would be rich & successful. Others can talk about how much they want the prize but few are willing to step in the ring to fight and earn it.

But, you’re not one of those people that throw in the towel.

In the process of looking for a coach first make a personal decision to recommit to achieving massive success. When this happens the relationship you bring to the table in working with your coach is a partnership that can work like a well oiled machine. The coach cannot recommit for you, nor should they try too. 

# 3- Be okay with being uncomfortable

Working with a professional to turn your business around is not a clean and easy process. A coach is not a high priced friend or someone that tells you what you want to hear. A coach tells you the truth of the matter, as their expertise sees it. Their job is to bring to light what isn’t working along with a solution to fix it.

If that isn't what you're getting ask yourself why not? Is this person providing solutions? Are they able to make the claims with the results to match?

Even in the process of working with an expert remember you are still the captain of the ship & you know your business. In any healthy working relationship it’s completely expected for the client to bring questions to the table. The questions help you to be heard and your coach to dig deep to find the gaps within your business along with the solution to solve for it.

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