Hard Work & Determination? Do You Need More?

Ingenuity is a funny thing. The other day I was out driving when I came across a example of ingenuity at it's best. For months I drove by a empty piece of land that was surrounded by new businesses popping up around it. I wondered if anyone would take advantage of the location & join their neighbors in the success.

Then one day it started to happen.

First, there was a bulldozer. Next, men in hard hats walking the site. Finally, the icing on the cake, a sign announcing the new business. As I drove on I couldn't help but to smile because I could relate to the feeling that this business owner could have had.

A feeling of accomplishment even though there is still lots too do.

Do you remember that feeling? The first moment you announced your business to the world? Maybe it was launching your website or even handing out the first business card. Know matter how big or small the action was, the point is that you took action.

I often find when working with business owners that there's no doubt that they want to take action, MASSIVE action at that. The missing ingredient in the action is a strategy of how to reach the goal.

"Being busy doesn't mean you're working. Busyness can mask the real activities that are needed in order for your business to be profitable"

Let's take the owner of this new piece of land as an example. This is not a business that is turn-key ready. This business will require building a structure from the ground up (pictures included). Next, there is marketing, legal permits, hiring employees and insurance. All of this will be done before they will even bring on a new customer.

Can you imagine if the owner would have begun a marketing campaign before they knew who their ideal client is & what that client wanted? What if they priced their services in such a way that didn't bring in a profit?

Sound hard to believe? Trust me, this happens all the time. How can you continue being innovative in your business while remaining profitable? Here are three tips to get you there:

# 1 - Evaluate
If you missed my email from the other day offering a free business evaluation & strategic action plan to help your company reach the goals you've set for 2017, not to worry. You can sign up for this free 45 minute session by clicking here.  I want to help you not only achieve your goals but to exceed them as well, because I know that anything and everything is possible.

During this session we will not talk theory, we will look specifically at what isn't working & how to turn it around. Sign up here for your session today.

#2 Be Visible
Your clients, and soon to be clients, are searching for an expert that can provide solutions to their problems. Most businesses are not successful because know one knows that they exist. This is beyond just posting on Social Media and doing a live video, being visible is creating a community for your clients and then offering a service to help them.

The only way we can truly help our customers is to be of service to them, charge our worth & see the bigger vision of what is possible for the customer.

#3 Believe
All of the action in the world is useless if you don't believe. As a Business Strategist & Executive Coach for business leaders that want a profitable business, seamless operations, attracting more clients & living the life they desire I know that hearing me say you have to believe is a part of your plan might seem odd. 

I've come to learn, through major moments of personal & professional growth, that planning is needed but we must leave room for the unknown opportunities to be presented to us. This can come in many forms:

  • A referral from a friend
  • A shout on social media from a well know expert (this recently happened to me)
  • Someone that said no to your services coming back and signing a contract 

The list can go on and on. The point is to continue to plan, work & repeat but to be open for the unknown gifts that can help you reach your goals.

So, what's next for you today? Are you going to take massive action to reach your goals? or are you looking at the calendar and saying the year is half way over so why try?

It's time to get uncomfortable and grab ahold of the life & business that is waiting for you.

Are you ready? Let's roll!

The VOS Group LLC delivers solutions to create seamless business operations to reduce lost revenue, create a more productive team and loyal customers.  We also provide executive coaching & organizational development courses to support each phase of your companies growth.



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