The one question that scares most people

Yesterday started off my Sunday with my favorite cup of coffee & a journal, the memory of a question I would ask myself for years came to mind. "What would you do if you are laid off" My first thought? That's odd.

I haven't thought about this in years. But every thought has a purpose & a reason. Some thoughts are to remind us of how far we have come. Others are to share our experiences to inspire others to take action.

So here we go....

I cringed as I leaned into memories of the past, took a deep breath, smiled because I'm know longer living in that reality & then got transparent. Here is my answer. Enjoy, buckle up & hold on tight.

If you were laid off tomorrow what would you do? For years this question would cause fear to run throughout my body, producing thoughts of lack, anxiety, plus stress, stress & more stress....

And then it happened. I got the call.

The call know one wants to receive. "We have to let you go, plus your co-workers & your boss" (Talk about a triple shocker...)

For years I played at creating a plan B to only then to be in a position where my plan B would be come my plan A.

But I wasn't ready.

I didn't see time as non refundable minutes and each passing moment you can NEVER take back. There is no magic spell or genie to grant you time back. So I wasted time and the day I needed my plan B to be the race car in my life to kick into overdrive it COULDN'T, because I had never even installed the engine!
I always thought I would have more time before going through that experience. Having more time is a myth. So is having balance. Using the word balance and phrases like "I'm creating my plan" are both ways that I allowed fear to sit in the drivers seat of my life.
Are you doing the same thing? I didn't listen to intuition that was telling me to get serious about my future.

I know, this might sound funny coming from a Business Strategist. Having a strategy is one thing but putting it into action is where the magic happens & sometimes that plan doesn't come until you're in action.

If you were laid off tomorrow what would you do?

Does even hearing that question make you break out in a cold sweat? Then this is your warning call, wake up siren or whatever you need it to be.

If you have an idea for a business don't take it lightly. The idea was given to you as a foreshadowing of what is to come down the road. A time where you might need a plan B to become your plan A.

  • Can it be scary building a business? YES
  • Is there a level of uncertainty & not a guarantee? YES
  • Will their be times you don't have all the answers? YES (note: we keep moving action the answers will come).

You will never know until you try.

What do you have to loose by putting a plan into action now?!

Here is what you'll loose (in the short term):

  • Nights to Netflix binge watch
  • Lazy weekends lying around the house
  • Parties, happy hours & volunteering

But, this doesn't have to be your entire life. Do the things NOW that others aren't willing to do so that you can have the life others WILL never have.

That life doesn't have to be full of luxury & fancy trips.

Maybe the life for you is being able to provide for your family while doing your own thing. Maybe it is being able to stay home with your child instead of asking for permission to take a day off.

Maybe it is traveling around the world & staying in five star hotels. Excellent!

"Your life can be whatever you make it to be"

And if you're reading this then you know this is the time, your time. As a Business Strategist I help business owners monetize their skills to create a financial platform that supports the life & business you deserve.

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