Throw your arms into it

Throw your arms into it

My journey continues onward to keeping a healthy lifestyle. This now includes a weekly goal of walking 5 miles. Last week brought some reasons to celebrate as I finished with close to 4 miles done. (I'm beaming with pride just as mother seeing her child win their first award at school).

On the last day of my weekly workout I decided to push myself a little harder.

I had to throw my hands into it

During my mile walk (this might not seem like much for some but after shedding 100lbs and doing Zumba three days a week I've learned what works for my body) I set an intention to add a workout for my arms.

The idea sounded easy. The execution took commitment.

The first quarter mile was okay, I added in two different types of exercises for my arms. But continuing this in the rest of the workout became challenging. This made me think of times within our business that we have to push harder, stretching ourselves into routines that are not comfortable.

In my personal life the hard push is exercise. In my business it's cold sales calls. Both require creating a new muscle, something that can only be done over time.

But after each is over, working out or calling a prospect who has never heard of me, the feeling is the same. My adrenaline is pumping & I want to do more of what used to seem hard.

I had to throw my arms into it!


What areas in your business do you need to grow a new muscle in? Here istip to overcoming the inevitable.

"There is always a battle with fear, when you give up fear wins" (Click here to tweet that)

Don't let fear win! You & your business deserve more.

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