Missing Goals. (#FullTransparency)

Missing Goals. (#FullTransparency)

The other day I was enjoying a new purchase, my very first Kate Spade Day Planner. I've had my eye on this lovely gift for a while but I hesitated to buy it, thinking a physical calendar was too old school.

 I'm so glad I took the plunge! I'm in love with my new treat. As I started to update my new gift with upcoming appointment dates from my online calendar I noticed something that made my heart sink. 

 Last year I set a goal for myself to travel to Paris and celebrate my 40th birthday. I had the plans all laid out, well in my mind at least. Needless to say the other week as I celebrated my birthday with family and friends I wasn't in Paris.

I was forced to ask myself the question, "how did I miss my goal?" The answer didn't take long to come to.

 I failed to plan and take the necessary action.

You see I enjoyed the excitement of creating the goal but allowed fear and overwhelm to take over my emotions....therefore, I missed the goal. It wasn't that I lacked taking action, trust me I was extremely active everyday but that activity wasn't strategic.

 "Being busy doesn't equal being productive" #TweetThat

This made me think of goals we set in our business. The goal could be big or small, it's all relative and the priority of the goal is unique to each of us. When I set the goal to visit Paris it was to celebrate a milestone in my business.

I haven't reached that milestone yet but that doesn't mean I'm out for the count.

When I created that goal last year I didn't take the right steps to develop myself & my business. Yes, I wanted to visit Paris for my birthday but I wasn't committed, at the time, to taking the action needed to grow my business.                                                        

All of that has changed. In May I enrolled into a 6 month intensive coaching program with a success coach. My coach & mentor has built a 7-figure business from the ground up in less than two years and guess what? The graduation for this program will be in October in London and with Paris only being a two hour train ride away, I've already made plans to visit. 

 And, this time I WILL be celebrating reaching that milestone in my business. How? Because I've taken the time to develop my business & lay the foundation needed to make it a success.

 What will I be celebrating?

  • Having my very first branding photo-shoot
  • Re-launching my website
  • Creating my first program for"Signature Strategy"
  • Breaking through a negative money mindset that was holding me back
  • Creating friendships with fellow female business owners around the globe!
  • Finally saying YES to myself & fully stepping into my value and worth!

So you see, not going to Paris in August wasn't that upsetting because when I go in October it will be worth the wait!

What goals have you missed? What has fear & overwhelm robbed you from celebrating? Remember that the opportunity we take advantage of today will reap beautiful rewards tomorrow.

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Throw your arms into it

Throw your arms into it