There is more to your story (than you know)

I love Mondays! This wasn't always the case. Because now I've learned how to not only see the full possibilities for my business but I also know what action to take to make that happen.

Let me just share with you, that is one of the reasons I love Mondays!

This weekend I heard a message that really resonated with me and I had to share it with you. The topic was on how there is more to the story of our lives.

Hold on to your seats because this is powerful!

The speaker shared that in life we focus on the current scene within the story and not the entire story itself.

Do you remember the time that your business was a small idea? Something that you only shared with a few people so that you didn't have to hear all of the negative talk from others?

They mean well, but let's be honest unless people have taken the leap into entrepreneurship not everyone is going to support what you are doing.

People see being supportive in different ways that we the entrepreneurs do & it is so important to keep yourself away from negative dialogue in order to help your vision grow.

This topic about 'our stories' reminded me of all the different ventures I tried and did not succeed at over the years.

Notice, I didn't say fail because in this community the F word (fail) isn't used because everything that happens (good or bad) has a lesson to be learned for our overall good.

Over the years, when things did not work out the way I wanted I would be devastated and instantly move to the next 'hot' trend out their to earn my riches.

"It wasn't until I changed my mindset to focus on serving others authentically and then the clients will come, that my business changed."

What this message reminded me of is that the story of our lives is built with individual scenes.

"Each scene in our life is the building block of the entire story to be celebrated, each scene at a time."

So as we begin this week and live in the current moment of our scenes my hope for you is that if that moment isn't what you wanted it to be you still find the opportunity in it.

If your week is going amazing then I'm cheering you on but also challenge you to look back on the action you had taken in order to have that amazing week. And do it again. .

I would love to hear what scenes this week you are celebrating. Share them with me on the comments below.

May this week be prosperous and move you further into your power of being the women business leader that your clients look up to you as.

The best gift to give yourself

Follow your purpose not your passion