Living in the moment

The other day I was talking with a friend about my upcoming plans for Christmas. I casually mentioned to her that I planned a last minute trip to Las Vegas to meet up with my family to celebrate the holiday.

She kindly giggled and teased me (in a loving way) about being so relaxed about taking time away for the holidays while working towards business goals. I had to agree with her on how casually I said it and together we enjoyed a sweet giggle.

"This was such a sweet moment of gratitude for me because I've learned how to be relaxed."

I remember the days after being laid off from my corporate job and trying to figure out what my truly calling was.

During those months it was all about working & not really having any fun in my life.

That old school frame of mind didn't serve me in my journey and actually was one of the blocks that held me back from success.

When my friend and I laughed about my trip this week it was a reminder to me of how far I've come along.

"Taking time to celebrate the small steps is something we all need."

The old me would have never planned a trip this close to the end of the year. I would have played 'eye of the tiger' in my office and dived head first into reaching my year ends goals.

What's the problem with that? Working hard until the last hour. Let me share with you, from my own personal painfully moments why this type of work ethic doesn't serve you.

In order to reach a goal you have to be clear on:

-Your why
-The action needed to reach the goal
-The support you need
-The reward you set for yourself for reaching the goal

In the past I was completely out of balance with all of these things. The only thing I knew was that if at the end of the day I was not completely exhausted I wasn't doing 'it right'.

I'm grateful for breaking myself free of that mentality.

So now as I get ready to pack and make plans to hang with my family as we celebrate one of my favorite holidays, I'm thankful because I'm fully living in this moment.

I'm not confused or feeling torn that I need to be working on my business because I know what to do in order to reach that goal.

And you know what?
The action in my business will take place even if I'm not the one behind the wheel. Can we say thank goodness for automated systems & strategy!

Are you feeling relaxed with the holiday fast approaching? or are you feeling overwhelmed with everything that you have to do in your business before 2017?

I'm here to help! You can post your questions over on my Facebook page here

I think Gay Hendricks puts it best in his amazing book the Big Leap, "fear is excitement without breath". So when you start to feel worry or doubt come over you just remember that's really excitement preparing you for all the great things to come.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous 2017!

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