The best gift to give yourself

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. I'm one of those people who could listen to the lovely sounds of Christmas music all year round. There is just something about this time of year here in the states that put my already overly optimistic output on life into over drive.

It is also the time of year that I start to reflect on all of the small successes in my business.

This has definitely not always been the case

Being a recovering super A personality from Corporate America has taught me a few lessons that I like to call "shedding the suit".

I've learned to:

1) Stop and smell the roses
2) Done is better than perfect
3) Reward myself & take breaks

I know you might be thinking this is a obvious list that every women in business should have.

But, it wasn't until after being laid off from a twenty year career in Corporate America, then going through a year of everything you shouldn't do to build a business that I finally got it.

"If I'm not taking care of myself, I can't expect anyone else to"

Self care has become a ritual in my life and I'll be honest with you it is not one that is easy to keep. My first instinct is to not take time for myself because coming from a old school mentality (one that I have to remind myself know longer serves me) of working until your exhausted, taking breaks doesn't feel normal.

"But, as a leader we cant always lead with our feelings. Feelings can lead you astray but knowing the truth of who you are will never fail."

Years ago I would rely on my feelings to give me the direction of what to do next in life. But, the problem was that I was not clear on who I was as a women, a leader and just a regular girl from Southern California with BIG dreams to live a exceptional life.

For years, I would struggle with the concept of having my own unique voice. This internal struggle would lead me to stay in jobs for far too long. Even in jobs that would cause me so much stress that once I was taken out of my office in a ambulance for a severe panic attack. (I'll share more about that another time).

My challenge to you this week is to find something that you can give as a gift to yourself. Now,  I'm not talking about a cup of coffee or a extra ten minutes to do yoga. All of those things are necessary, I want you to dig deep into your desires and really gift yourself with something unexpected.

I would love to hear about it! Share your new self care gift with us in the comments below


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