The Flu + Fever & Lessons in Business

Last week brought great high's and some unexpected lows. In short, I caught the flu & it was not a walk in the park. Lately, I've prided myself on the fact that I have not caught any sort of cold or flu over the past few years.

My state of health and well being have been attributed to a change in my lifestyle years ago that helped me to shed 100lbs.
Along with keeping my mindset in tip top shape I felt that I had all of the ingredients to ward off the flu.
This was my first mistake.
As I was recuperating from a fever and feasting on a array of soups I learned one of the most valuable lessons about being a business owner.
"You cannot always work on your business but your business can work for you."

This lesson was never more important for me than over last week. I physically was not able to work on my business but because of the systems that I set up earlier this year, my business was operating as normal.
Ask yourself these questions

  •     If I was not able to work in my business would everything stop?
  •     Are the list of items that are my responsibility a mile long?
  •     Is there anyone else that I can delegate those to?
  •     Why haven't I delegated the task?
  •     More importantly why do I feel I'm the only one who can handle it?

Feeling anxious? Don't feel excited about the responses your inner voice is telling you?
Not to worry I asked myself the same list of questions last year & my answers were not good.
Everything in my business was dependent on me.
I didn't have any systems set up. My business did not have the proper procedures & support. I'm sure you can feel the anxiety that I was having & how I can relate to you're feelings.
So what do we do to fix this? First on the list is to get clear on the what is you're true desire for how you want the business to function. Do you prefer to have low overhead? Do you want to work from anywhere in the world as long as you have wifi and a laptop?
Great! Identifying your true desires is an essential first step.

Next, is the most important part.  It's time to take an honest, long hard look at your business.
Does the business model you have today support the type of life you want?
(deep breath)
Last question is "are you ready to make the change needed to have the business & life you love?"
If you are that woman who is ready to move forward, it is important to know that the life you want is fully available for you to have.
As the week comes to an end I would encourage you to take some time to really reflect on what your true desires are. Lean into that feeling & don't let go.
The next decision you make can change your life.

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Follow your purpose not your passion

Throw your arms into it

Throw your arms into it