Are you coaching or berating employees? Stick with me on this because there is a valuable lesson to learn. When giving feedback to employees try, at all cost, to avoid phrases that describe your emotion. Stick to the facts. In the blog post today you will learn two important keys on how to handle performance issues with employees.

Running a business comes with its own unique set of challenges. When you add into the mix working with family members and employees that brings on a completely different dynamic. So how do you scale a company, expand your presence within your market and maintain the family unit?

Before you walk away shaking your head while professing "this will never happen to our company", I'm in agreement with you 100%, let us talk through a few items to help support that goal.

What if the money doesn't come?

This is an unspoken fear all entrepreneurs, at one point in our business, struggle with. It is a question that we don’t dare to speak out loud but it is on constant repeat in our minds.

“How will I make money in my business ?” or “Will I really be successful at this ?”

In this 10-minute audio blog, I share with you what priorities you should set in your business today to help squash this fear but also how to move into the mindset needed to pull it off.

Leaders gain rewards that are more than a monetary exchange they must see their vision come to life.

Reflecting on the success of this past year I’ve learned there are aspects I don’t love anymore. After pushing through the feelings of shame to understand it is okay switch things up and it is not because anything bad is happening, I’m now saying ‘no’ more often while learning what is a ‘yes’ for me is in this season.

My word for 2019 is love. An odd word for an entrepreneur, right? What does love have to do with business?

This message will not be for everyone but for those women in leadership positions, we might just become a virtual tribe of successful sisters that don’t want to get lost in the success or to be defined by it.

Let me share my revelation with you.

Business leaders are experiencing unnecessary exhaustion that opens the door for leakage within the business. 

You see, most businesses grow to a point that the company has taken on a life of its own. And, this is what you want to happen but many leaders aren't ready for that shift and it leaves them feeling as if a mack truck has run them over. 

As business owners we must lead with confidence or nothing will work. I live by the motto "live your life with the volume turned all the way up". This is not a foreign concept for me but for others it is. I meet so many talented entrepreneurs that for some odd reason they're waiting for someone else to give them permission to finally start living.